Best Songs to Start on the Guitar

Studying the best way to participate in the guitar is not only based on learning how to strum the chords it also includes learning to play the songs. If the player is a beginner, it may be a little difficult for him to play songs with the guitar.

Here are some tips for beginners in choosing which songs to play the guitar with:
1. The actual very best time to pick music and play a song with a guitar is after the beginner has mastered the basic skills of guitar playing. He should already know how to hold a guitar, strum and tune the guitar.
2. The novice should already be familiar with the chords before he chooses a song that he can play. He have to know the basic chords as well as the more complicated ones before choosing a song.
3. He needs to practice shifting chords before he can play a song. He need to practice by continuously moving the arms to learn the different chords. This will make the fingers more flexible when changing chords.
4. When choosing a song, he can first choose songs that use only the basic chords; start with songs that use only 2 or 3 chords for the rest of the song.
5. The songs that he chooses should not also be too up-tempo so that he can easily follow along with the chords and the speed of the song. A newbie may have a difficult time following the chords and shifting his fingers if the song is too fast - start with the slower mellow ones.
6. That beginner may check out the songs like "As Tears Go By" by the Rolling Stones, "Day Tripper" by the Beatles, "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees and "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones. He will find these songs easy to play with the guitar since they have simple chords and they are not too fast for beginners.
It is important to remember that beginners need not rush and jump into playing songs immediately. They should be patient and learn the most perfect time to play a song with a guitar. Playing the chords of another song with the guitar is the greatest achievement of beginners and why it is essential to be ready to choose easy songs first to avoid frustrations and pressure. Also try and pick songs to study that you actually enjoy - this can make the mastering process a lot more pleasureable.

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